Monday, March 10, 2008

Cell phone spirituality

This past Sunday morning, I groggily woke up without the aid of sunshine and reset all my clocks to an hour later. Bedside alarm, microwave oven, living room clock, watch- they all needed to be fixed. When I looked at my cell phone, though, I happily noticed that its time was already correct. Somewhere in the middle of the night it had silently communicated with the closest cell tower, received pertinent information about the time change and adjusted itself. I smiled at my smart little phone and a strange warmth crept through my heart.

Ok, so maybe I'm just slightly too fascinated by technology's little magic tricks. It just got me to thinking. Do we check in often enough?

God gave me a specific direction ten years ago. It was a powerful message, but not the last. If I had just followed that call and never checked back in for redirection, I would be way off course by now. I need to be in constant communication with God: checking for updates, submitting to maintenance, receiving new directions.

So does our church. What God called us to do 20 years ago may not be what God is calling us to do today. In fact, it most likely isn't. Just like a clock that is an hour off is useless, and maybe even detrimental, so is a person or a church that is not constantly listening for God's new direction.

So, let's spring ahead.

P.S. My apologies to those of you whose cell phones didn't work properly this past Sunday, especially Jason and Rob. In no way is this blog meant to discriminate or ridicule. It's not your fault that my stuff is better than yours.


Anonymous said...

Jason, don't listen to her! She thinks your cell phone sucks!!! You should totally fight her!

(Don't worry, Dagney, you can bite!)

Anonymous said...

You might find the book

"Cell Phone Spirituality: What your cell phone can teach you about life and God" helpful based on your post!